March 10, 2014

Dentons Hong Kong is proud to have received recognition recently as a Caring Company from The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) for its long-standing commitment to caring for the community, employees and the environment. Among Dentons Hong Kong's missions and aspirations to help those in need was a pro bono initiative with Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong (ADA). ADA's social enterprises have pioneered innovative ways to create employment opportunities and artistic recognition for disabled artists in Hong Kong.

Dentons Hong Kong is proud to have played a pivotal role in ADA's mission to create a bridging platform between disabled artists and the wider community. An ambitious project, ADA’s increasingly broad outreach services include the training of new talent, licensing of visual arts image copyrights for merchandise production, and negotiating the commissioning of artwork production. These efforts enable disabled artists to be effectively recognised for their talent and creative abilities, as their artworks are often in high demand for corporate gifts, B2C joint-product promotions, and artwork supply by leasing and purchase.

Dentons Hong Kong is delighted to help ADA's dream come true. Corporate partner Julianne Doe led Dentons' pro bono initiative, with support from Hong Kong professionals and staff. We have put together artists' agreements for art creation and commercial agreements for artwork purchase and leasing, as well as assisting in the display of art in exhibition venues. We have done so taking into consideration assisting the vulnerability of the disabled in the area of intellectual property protection and with a full understanding and appreciation of the unique platform that ADA provides. In doing this, we have paved the way for ADA to create new business initiatives with corporates, opening doors for disabled artists to gain recognition, income and employment opportunities for their incredible visual and performing artworks. Works of disabled artists are of amazing artistic standards and are in great demand by banks, corporates and conference centres in Hong Kong.

The Caring Company Scheme was launched by HKCSS with an aim to build a cohesive society. This mission is being achieved by encouraging strategic partnerships among business and social service partners and inspiring corporate social responsibility through caring for the community, employees and the environment, and recognising organisations that demonstrate good corporate citizenship.

Corporate social responsibility is part of the fabric that makes up Dentons. This award is an endorsement of the focused efforts of our colleagues in Asia to extend our capabilities and expertise to the wider community. As well as ADA, we count The Good Lab (an entrepreneurial incubator hub) and The Women's Foundation (an organisation working to improve the lives of women) among our pro bono initiatives. We have also previously involved ourselves in community causes such as the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge and the InterCham Treasure Hunt in support of the Hong Kong Community Chest.

Caring Company