May 1, 2014

Global litigation and dispute resolution insights 

As business — and dispute resolution — becomes more global and interconnected, it will become increasingly important to understand the complexities of cross border disputes and to juggle the different cultural approaches in the dispute resolution process. Staying current requires not only knowledge of the laws, but also the language and business customs in all the countries where you operate — or plan to expand.

In this report, lawyers from Dentons' global offices examine recent changes in litigation, arbitration and mediation across North America, UK, Continental Europe, Russia and Asia:

  • How recent major legislative changes in Russia are effecting the litigation and arbitration system
  • The UK Supreme Court's clarification of trustee issues
  • Key developments in Asian litigation and arbitration
  • How the US views arbitration pre-requisites in bilateral treaties
  • Determining jurisdiction in Canada where the defendant has no connection to the province
  • The consequences for corporations following the US Supreme Court's recent CAFA decision

Seizing global opportunities and mastering worldwide challenges are essential to success. Very few other firms have Dentons' strength and experience with the critical factors of dispute resolution capabilities, language and culture. Our global footprint allows us to support you in any geography. Effectively handling disputes that arise at home, abroad and in multiple jurisdictions requires an understanding of the most up-to-date changes in resolution standards around the world. This report aims to keep you at the top of your game, so that you can focus on making strategic decisions about the future of your business.